Zoho CRM – Restrict Access to Specific Fields

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When you assign a profile to a user it defines what permissions (read/write/delete) they have for each module and also access to administrative functions.  Did you know that you can also restrict access down to the field level?  Here’s how…

  • Tool Icon-> Setup-> Customizations-> Modules
  • Click on the Module Name whose fields you want to restrict
  • Click on the Fields Tab
  • Click on Set Permissions
  • Select Read/Write Access for each of the Profiles defined – click Save!

Salesforce.com – Dates on imports

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So recently we were doing a migration of data (activities) and dates always seem to cause issues whether you’re using Data Loader, DataLoader.io, import wizard, etc.  However, there are a couple of ways to do things that we’ve found work a bit better with date formats, a bit friendlier to Salesforce during migration. Read More

Salesforce.com – New Home Page for Lightning

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For those of you that have worked with Lightning, you may know how to do this but as someone that is just slowly moving to Lightning (I promised I would), you’ll find that the home page that’s out there is not always the best for each of your users.  Maybe you don’t use opportunities and just focus on activity tracking for instance.  If so, that quarterly performance grid will be distracting and confusing for some of your users.  Let’s create a different one…. Read More

Salesforce.com – Setting up a Kanban page

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So one of the nicest things about Lightning is the “Kanban” pages that are out there for leads and opportunities.  You can do this for other items as well, but you have to set it up (set up the grouping).  For instance, maybe for accounts I want to do “by product” so I can move around and sort my records.  We’ll do that with the accounts area here but you’re going to get a nice overview of what you can do in each object. Read More

Salesforce.com – Adding a custom URL (LinkedIn) to a contact page

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So I’m sure there are some easier ways to do this (the Salesforce community has some great authors out there), but I figured I would wing this and create a quick link to anyone’s linkedin page from the contact record.  Since they removed the quick link button at the top a few years back, I’m asked for this a lot actually (and we can use this same train of thought for almost any other custom social media page, intranet URL, etc.).

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