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Adding Lightning Notes and Files to the Page Layout

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After enabling Notes and configuring any feed tracking, you will want to add the related lists to your organization’s page layouts.

First make a list of all areas you want users to have the ability to add, edit, and view Notes and/or upload Files.  For example you may want to utilize Notes and Files on Accounts, Opportunities, and Orders but nothing else.  From the page layout in Object Manager, you can configure the visibility and location.  If you use more than one layout (e.g., with different record types), be sure to make the changes to every layout you want Notes and Files accessible.

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Accounting for Daylight Savings Time in Salesforce

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If you are using processes, flows, templates to automate your business processes you have probably run into issues regarding Daylight Savings Time (DST) at some point.  Winter ’20 has provided an additional setting for Locale Settings that will help provide accurate DST times for DateValue() formulas.  Setting this can avoid one-hour discrepancies when processing times between 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM but there are limitations. Read More