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Dynamics 365: See Fields Edited, Created, or Deleted Before you Save in PowerApps Designer

As I use the new PowerApps designer more and more, I’m finding small touches here and there that really enhance the customization process (especially with larger-scale tasks).  One of these minor-but-nice features is that you can easily tell what fields have been modified and created during your current session.  By current session, I mean after you begin editing or creating fields, but before you hit “Save entity”.  Read more

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Dynamics 365: Filter the Entities Shown in the PowerApps Designer

The new PowerApps Designer has a completely different look and feel from the old solution window. One of the improved areas is entity navigation. While the old solution window did have a few View options to choose from (Customizable, Custom, All), I rarely used this for navigation and preferred to just scroll to the entity I needed. In the new PowerApps designer, however, I find the filters to be very helpful and use them frequently! Read more

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Dynamics 365: Create a Personal Chart

Previously, I wrote a blog post on creating a “Top Opportunities” system chart, but you need to be an Administrator to follow those exact instructions.  Below, you’ll find quick instructions to create a personal chart. The chart editor has not changed much (yet), so you can follow the instructions linked above to create the example “Top Opportunities” chart–even if you’re not an administrator.
Read more

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Office 365: Set Default Paste Formatting in OneNote

Note: This tip is intended for the OneNote app as OneNote 2016 is no longer being updated.
Did you know that in the OneNote app, you can set the default paste formatting behavior? If you find yourself frequently changing the paste formatting after pasting, you might want to configure this setting! You can still easily change the formatting mode if the default mode isn’t best for the content being pasted. Read more

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Upgrade your Salesforce App to Lightning

Although you may be viewing your Org in the Lightning format, you may also have run an upgrade.  If you are unable to make changes to layouts and such and/or the Information icon says to upgrade, then you will need to do the following: Read more

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GoldMine : Uploading email lists to Constant Contact using GoldMine 2019

GoldMine Groups are now tightly integrated with CC. Whether you select the Group from the Campaigns Center (shown here)…

..or create the Group from GoldMine (shown here)…

…you have the ability to “associate” it with a CC Email List Name. What this really means is that you automatically get that GoldMine Group imported into CC as an Email List. I was actually amazed at how well this works. Try it! (You can get a CC account for the first 30 days free)