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Dynamics 365: Bulk Edit Records

Bulk editing a group of records is easy to do and can save quite a bit of time–as long as the edit you need to make is allowable in the Bulk Editing menu! You do not need to have the field you want to edit displayed in a given view, but any records you wish to edit must be displayed in the current view.  If your view has 300 records in it, you’ll have to perform the bulk edit once per page.  Keep reading to learn how to bulk edit records! Read more

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Office 365: Pin Apps to the App Launcher

When you log in to Office 365 via, you’ll see an assortment of Apps that you can immediately open:

But what if an app that you frequently access is missing? It’s easy to add application shortcuts to the app launcher; keep reading to learn how!
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Office 365: Manage Tasks with Microsoft To-Do

Did you know that Microsoft has a dedicated task manager called To-Do?  That’s right–it’s more than the “tasks” element of Outlook and OneNote.  In fact, beginning in March, Microsoft began rolling out a new Web Outlook Task experience–powered by To-Do. In this post, we’ll go over some To-Do basics. Read more

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GoldMine: Creating a Group Based on a Filter

Groups are static and based on membership.  Filters and SQL queries, on the other hand, are dynamic and based on the field criteria by which they are built.  Creating a group based on a filter or query allows for a stable list of contacts (originally based on field criteria) that can be added to or removed from by manually adding or deleting a contact’s membership to that group. Read more