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A Bigin Deepdive: Getting Information from Bigin

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In the first installment of this series about small business CRM I described a CRM system as being nothing more than a database.  No matter what all the software companies say and no matter how many features or bells and whistles they include, the fact is still the same: you’re putting data into a shared database that can be used to better service your customers, manage your prospects and, in turn, grow your company. Read More

A Bigin Deepdive: Access To Data And External Apps with Bigin

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My company has been implementing CRM systems for more than two decades.  Sometimes people ask me what’s changed the most over that period of time. For me, the answer is easy: it’s the cloud. Back in the day most software could only be accessed locally or from an internal server. Now, the data is hosted in the cloud. There are lots of benefits to this, not least the ease of use, availability, support and security.  But there’s one other enormous benefit of this shift to the cloud that most overlook: access to data. Read More

A Bigin Deepdive: Increased Automation And Productivity with Bigin

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I write and speak a lot about the economy and although there have been plenty of economic challenges facing small businesses over the past few years the largest – and longest lasting – has been our dire need for people. As I write this there is an unprecedented 11 million open jobs, mostly from smaller companies. Everyone is looking for good talent but, for many reasons, that talent is hard (and sometimes expensive to come by).

So if you’re a small business what do you do when you can’t find enough people? You automate. And if you have a good CRM application like Bigin, you can leverage its automation tools to do the things that people aren’t around to do so you can get more done with your existing workforce. Read More

New! Global Sets In Zoho CRM

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We have been discussing many of the new Zoho features and today we are going to focus on the new global sets in Zoho CRM.  Global sets are collections of picklist values that can be associated with multiple picklists across modules. This new feature will save you a lot of setup time! Read More

Dynamics 365 Marketing Real Time

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Dynamics 365 data and interactions stored in Dataverse can now be used as triggers that activate a personalized customer journey for individual contacts based on their tracked activities. Each journey can include multiple touch points to automate interactions, implement decision making, and perform other automated actions that increase customer engagement.

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