Zoho CRM Quotes Just Got A Lot Better!

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If you have worked with quotes in Zoho CRM in the past, you know that Zoho didn’t allow any customization for the product table. Well I’m here to share the good news that Zoho has made changes to the Zoho CRM Quotes module and you can now customize the product details table!  These changes work for all of the Inventory modules – Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices. Read More

Microsoft Teams: Enable Live Captions in Meetings

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Microsoft is really rolling out some valuable features with Teams, especially for meetings! This one has been out for a while, but I wanted to give it some attention because it’s easy to ignore or forget about.  It’s now possible to turn on live captions for your meetings, which increases accessibility and paves the way for the new “Recap” feature that is rolling out. I’ll be doing a separate post about that in the future, but it will include a copy of the meeting transcript, recording, shared documents and any notes left in the chat.  I tested out the live caption feature quite a bit this week and it works pretty well–I’d say it correctly captured about 95% of what I said. It even includes punctuation!

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Pipedrive: Open the Details Page After a New Record is Created

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One of the best things about Pipedrive is how intuitive and user friendly the interface is right out of the box, but it is possible to tweak some behaviors to better fit your needs.

When you create new records, the default behavior is for the “Add deal” (or contact/org) pop-up window to disappear and you remain on the main page for that item type.  For example, when you add a new deal from the Pipeline page and click “save”, the pop-up will just close and you’ll be back at the Pipeline.  With a setting in Pipedrive, however, you can change this so you are taken to the “details” page after creating a record.

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