GoldMine : Modifying your Toolbar

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This is one of the best kept secrets in GoldMine; how to modify your toolbar.

  1. Click the “little down arrow” button all the way to the right of your toolbar, select “Add or Remove buttons”.
  2. Go to Customize, then Commands.
  3. From the list, click-drag the desired item up and onto your toolbar. It’s just that easy!

I hardly ever see this done in the field, and it’s a shame. Simply having the Complete a call… item on the toolbar can be liberating!

GoldMine : Hiding Unused Menu Items

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Did you know that you can also hide and/or reveal single menuitems for users as well?

However, instead of going to Tools | Options, we need to go to Tools | Users’ Settings, which means we need master rights or equivalent.

  1. Select Tools | Options | User’s Settings.
  2. Select the user you wish to modify, click the “Properties” button.
  3. Go to the Menu tab.
  4. Using the tree-view, check or uncheck the top level menu items you wish to show or hide.
  5. Ok your way out.

The user in question will need to restart their GoldMine. Good luck and have fun!


GoldMine : Hiding Unused Tabs

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GoldMine comes out of the box with everything turned all the way on and all the way up. By which I mean all tabs, all menuitems and all access permissions are enabled. Now, because no one uses 100% of GoldMine, having these unused tabs (i.e. Referrals, Projects, etc) can clutter up the workspace and confuse newer users.

To hide and/or reveal tabs,

  1. Select Tools | Options from the top level menu.
  2. Select the “Record” tab.
  3. Click the “Tabs” button.
  4. Simply check or uncheck those items you wish to show or hide.
  5. Ok your way out.

Pro Tip: Use the “Customize Globally” checkbox to push changes out to all users. Use with care!



Microsoft Office 365 – Quick Access Toolbar and AutoSave

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UPDATE  12/4/17: It has been brought to my attention (thanks Alane!) that this feature is no longer available for MS Word 2016. I will update this post again if that changes!
The Quick Access Toolbar is an often overlooked feature in Dynamics 365, and I wanted to highlight a particularly neat capability in this tip.  Depending on the program you’re using, the options for the Quick Access Toolbar differ. Below are just the OneNote, Excel, and Word Toolbar Options:

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Microsoft Office 365 – Share or Send a OneNote Notebook

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If you’ve adopted OneNote as your note-taking program of choice, you’ll probably want to share or send a Notebook at some point. Luckily, OneNote makes this quite easy. I’ll note that the instructions below also apply to individual Sections in Notebooks! There is also a difference between sharing and sending–when you share a Notebook, you’re sharing a ‘living’ document that will always be up-to-date, while sending a notebook just sends a copy of a specific file.

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Microsoft Office 365 – Copy Text from an Image with OneNote

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A few years ago, I started the daunting process of digitizing recipes from cookbooks and notecards. Scanning all of these recipes was a good start, but that still doesn’t make them searchable or editable. I wanted to extract the text from the scans, but software and scanners for that exact purpose were (way) too expensive.  Eventually, I stumbled upon this tip and it has proven time and time again to be one of my favorite Office 365 discoveries–and saved me a lot of pain with my recipe project. Read More