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Increase The Productivity of Your Teams And The Profitability Of Your Company.

Take Advantage of AI in Microsoft Office or Google Workspace.

The Marks Group’s AI Office Productivity Services For Microsoft Copilot and Google Gemini.

Create better communications. Design great presentations. Coordinate online meetings. Automate tasks. Analyze data. New AI features in your existing products will help you increase sales, improve customer service and get more productivity from your team.

But how to take advantage?

Whether you’re a Microsoft Office or Google Workspace team we have you covered. Our consultants are expert in both Copilot and Gemini. At an hourly rate we will help you with the following for either application:

  • Walkthrough all of the AI features available to identify what will provide the most productivity for your team;
  • Review your internal processes and agree on how those features will be integrated;
  • Create a project plan for implementing these features, including all costs and timelines;
  • Coordinate any additional software licenses needed;
  • Setup the AI features;
  • Train your team and administrators;
  • Provide regular check-ins to ensure that your team is using these features in the best way possible and address any questions or concerns;
  • Provide regular updates and recommendations based on new features as they become available.
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