The Marks Group can help your business run quicker, better and wiser with the CRM system that fits your needs.

So what exactly is a CRM system? And what can it do for me? A CRM system, or customer relationship management system, is a software platform to assist with identifying, targeting, acquiring and maintaining the best customers for your company.

Different CRM systems have different features, capabilities, and strengths. Our certified experts know five of the top platforms inside and out- once they consult with you to understand your business goals and needs, they will be able to recommend which of the platforms is best suited for your needs.

A Workgroup system is used internally to manage all ideas and projects and to consolidate all communications, documents, research, videos, calls and information in one place for better searching, collaboration and productivity.

The best CRM and Workgroup platforms for small business.

How do I know what CRM or Workgroup platform is right for my company? Aren’t they all the same?

The certified CRM and Workgroup experts at The Marks Group are fully educated on the different aspects between the many customer relationship management systems on the market today. They have the knowledge to assess your needs and confidently recommend and implement the best suited CRM or Workgroup system for your small business.

The bottom line.

Our team of certified CRM and Workgroup experts provides unbiased recommendations, because we offer many choices and options – both applications we sell and ones we don’t. We work with you to define your business goals and needs, and use that information to guide your decision on the best customer relationship or workgroup management software for your business

Our primary CRM applications:

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Other CRMS that we work with:

Our expertise lies in CRM consulting services. We offer a multitude of support throughout your business for all kinds of CRM support

We provide two types of CRM consulting services for our clients: CRM Implementation and CRM Research

The Marks Group CRM Implementation Services

For clients that have chosen any of our core five software’s we provide these CRM consulting services:

  • Project Planning. Estimating and determining the best strategy for implementing your chosen CRM application based our more than 20 years’ experience implementing CRM.
  • CRM Setup and Configuration. Installation of the software, setup of users and design of security and access.
  • CRM Customization. Creating and adding fields, forms, views, screens, workflows, automation and reports to your system.
  • Integration. Connecting your CRM software to other systems and platforms as needed.
  • CRM Development. Creating custom solutions for your CRM software.
  • CRM Training. Onsite and online education for all users and administrators to learn the CRM best practices.
  • Support. Our CRM consultants will be available as needed to answer questions, fix problems and troubleshoot issues over and above the technical assistance provided by the software vendor.
  • Ongoing recommendations: Regular review and advice for keeping your CRM software current and taking advantage of the latest features and functionality.

The Marks Group can also provide assistance help with a variety of other CRM applications including Copper, Insightly, Nimble, SugarCRM and Netsuite.

The Marks Group CRM Research Services

Our CRM consulting services also include support to help companies search for a CRM:

  • Current hardware, network and software review
  • Product Demos
  • Help define your CRM needs and wants based on your current data entry and retrieval processes, sales process, and marketing strategies.
  • Proprietary database search of the top software with the best CRM tools for your business
  • Independent recommendations for applicable vendors/applications
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