The Marks Group team of experts provides medium sized and small business consultant services for CRM, cloud accounting, sales& marketing software and more.

The Marks Group was founded as a small business consulting firm in Philadelphia in 1994 by Gene Marks. Over the last twenty years, The Marks Group has worked with hundreds of small to medium sized business to evaluate their business needs and implement the software to help them work quicker, better, and wiser- which in turn means more profitably, too.

At the Marks Group, we’ve chosen a few select applications for growing revenues and continuously invest our resources to know these tools inside and out. We’ve developed unique business processes around these applications to maximize their use. That way our clients can benefit from the expertise of our professionals and take comfort that we know the best way to get return on investment from the applications we offer to our clients.

We specialize in five leading cloud and on-premise based customer relationship management applications: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, GoldMine, ZohoCRM, Salesforce and HubSpot. We are also certified Quickbooks, ZohoBooks and Xero partners and are expert in all related industry applications that integrate with it. Rounding out our expertise are a great set of proven tools for e-mail marketing, mobile and web access, alerting, business intelligence, quoting and synchronization. Our services range from planning and implementation, to customization, design, support, integration and application development. And our strongest skill set is in training. We are not just technicians. We are evangelists. We believe that everyone should be growing their companies using the tools we provide, as long as they’re using these tools the right way!