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Microsoft Office 365

Power Apps: Where Is My Flow?!

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Looking for the flow associated with your canvas app? You are not alone!  Even after looking at the list of my flows in Power Automate, for every environment, I still was not able to locate it.  After far too long, I finally found a link to it in the canvas app itself and want to spare others from the same fate.  Read More

Office 365: Use Conditional Formatting In Excel

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We’ve covered conditional formatting a few times before, but I used conditional formatting in a new-to-me way this month and wanted to share.  I was assigning dates to tasks for a project and realized that it would help me if I could at-a-glance determine how soon tasks were due.  Behold, conditional formatting! Keep reading to see how I solved my problem.  By the way – to look at those older posts, check out the links below:

Office 365: Use Conditional Formatting to Automatically Assign Colors to Calendar Items in Outlook

Office 365: The Beauty of Conditional Formatting in Excel

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Microsoft 365: Convert a Table to a Data Range

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Tables in Excel are typically helpful and easy to use, but occasionally you can run into formatting issues that just can’t seem to be fixed, like a cell that’s formatted as a percentage but displaying as a decimal.  I typically notice this issue with formatted cells — especially percentages & dates, even cells with data validation — and finally have a workaround: convert the table back to a data range. It even keeps the formatting of the cells, though it’s easy to remove if needed.

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Office 365: Explore the Excel Function Library

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Excel features hundreds of functions, and it’s never too late to learn more about them!  Thankfully, the Function Library is the perfect place to check out more. The Function Library categorizes and lists all available functions.  When you hover over the function name, you’ll see a pop-up giving a brief description, syntax example, and a link to a related help article for the function.  Keep reading to learn more! Read More

Dynamics 365: Enable Inactivity Timeout

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While I can’t stand it when a bank website logs me out after 4 minutes of inactivity, I do understand why this is such an important security feature — especially for many organizations in this “work from anywhere” era.  I recently stumbled upon this feature by accident and thought I’d share its whereabouts for any interested admins! Read More

Microsoft 365: Open Online Office Document in the Desktop App

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I recently had an Office document shared with me and accessed it via the link in the email notification, which opened the file in the online version of Excel.  I prefer to work in the desktop app, but even I had a heck of a time figuring out how to open the file there rather than the browser! Keep reading to learn how to open an Excel/PowerPoint/Word Online document in the desktop app. Read More

Dynamics 365: Share Important Flows for Redundancy

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If you happen to own a Flow important to your organization, I highly recommend sharing the Flow with an additional user in the event that you leave the company or lose access to your account.  While it will be possible to recover any Flows “lost” this way, it can save a few headaches and extra clicks by sharing the Flow with another user.  This is also helpful in the event that your Flow fails to run or encounters some other error — Power Automate will email the owners of the Flow with the issue details. The more people that receive this email, the more likely it is that the issue will be addressed quickly! Read More

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