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Introducing the Zoho CRM Pipeline Feature

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Did you know that Zoho CRM has a multiple pipeline feature that enables your company to easily separate revenue streams? Pipelines are the expected amount of revenue in open deals based on the deal stage. If you have multiple sources of revenue it can be hard to easily keep all the revenue separate to see detailed financials. And that’s where multiple pipelines come in! Keep reading for an introduction to the Zoho CRM Pipeline feature. Read More

Zoho CRM Email Integration: Sync Microsoft 365 and Outlook via Extension and IMAP

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In our last post we advised on the discontinuation for Zoho support for the Outlook plugin available through the Zoho Marketplace, and how to switch to the email add in available through Microsoft. One issue that this new add in brings up is that it does not sync your existing email/contacts/calendar. This can be a major problem! Fortunately, you have a couple of different options to enable syncing. Read More

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