GoldMine : Removing Unused Tabs

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Ah, yes! Removing stuff in your way with GoldMine is easy. Let us now remove Tabs from the bottom edge of the GoldMine Contact Record. We’ll start with the ones we don’t use – you know, most of them.

1. Get into Record options via Tools | Options | Record from the top-level menu.

2. Click on the “Tabs” button.

3. From here you can enable/disable any tab and re-position it. I’ve removed all the tabs except for the most vital:

Pro-tip: The “Customize Globally” checkbox works as you imagine it does. But be careful you don’t take away a tab that a user depends on!

GoldMine : Remove Duplicate and Unused Toolbar Items

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One of the most useful things you’ll do with GoldMine is remove parts of it from being in your way. Let’s start with the Toolbar.

1. Activate edit mode by clicking on the “little down arrow” all the way on the right of the toolbar. Then “Add or Remove Buttons”, then “Customize”.

2. Go to the “Commands” tab. What you see here is literally every item from the GoldMine top-level menu. To add an item to the Toolbar, click-drag the item from the right-hand side of the Commands window into the toolbar.

3. When you are in this mode, you can also re-arrange the Toolbar items with a click drag. Removing an item is done by click-dragging it off of the Toolbar.

Pro-tip: For those of you who love to micro-manage your GoldMine interface, right-click on any Toolbar button to bring up all kinds of options:

Making Zia Voice Work For You

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Did you know that Amazon is currently working to program Samuel L. Jackson’s voice into all of their Alexa products? Imagine asking your Echo to read you what’s in you shopping cart, and the iconic Mr. L. Jackson let’s you know that there is toilet paper, light bulbs, sneakers, and the complete Blu-ray set of Friends waiting in your cart to be purchased. Technology is wild, isn’t it?Are you hoping that I am about to say that Zoho has programed Sam Elliot or James Earl Jones to assist you with your business deals? Unfortunately no… that’s not an update that the program has developed yet. I wish. But what I am here to say, is that if you aren’t already using Zia to help you with your business, you should be!

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