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How to Create a Salesforce Approval Process

By CRM, Salesforce CRM

A Salesforce approval process is a very useful tool in Salesforce to limit quotes, opportunities, or other changes that may require a manager’s intervention to make it active.  For instance, you may want to have an opportunity “approved” if the value is over $5,000.  Maybe a quote or the win could also be limited to an approval.  What’s really nice is that the option to add the approvals as a related list is also there so you can see the history of the particular record.

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Dynamics 365: Duplicate Detection Rules

By CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2 Comments

Duplicate detection is a must-have feature that helps keep your data accurate and clean.  This makes workflows run more reliably, imports go smoother, and data more reliable.  Below, you’ll find a guide to creating new Duplicate detection rules, which define the parameters by which duplicates are identified. Microsoft has posted a guide on duplicate detection rules as well. Read More

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