Dynamics 365: Get your SSRS Custom Reports Working Again after the Regional Discovery Service Retirement

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Very recently, Microsoft retired the regional discovery service .  This broke my connection to all of my custom SSRS reports in Visual Studio–I started getting authentication errors for each report.  What a pain!  So, if you start getting authentication errors in Visual Studio, but you know the credentials are correct, try this. (Kudos to Kelsey @ The Marks Group for this fix) Read More

Microsoft Teams: Archive a Team

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There are many reasons why you may not need a Team anymore, like internal restructuring, dropping a client, or the conclusion of a project.  Instead of deleting the team and losing all of that information,  you can archive the team instead. This is helpful if there’s a chance you’ll need to have that team “active” again or if you want to keep it around for future reference.  However, you don’t archive the team from the Teams app–instead, you’ll need to head to the Teams Admin Center.  Note that you’ll need to be a Teams administrator to do this.

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Using a Multi-Select lookup field in Zoho CRM

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One of the benefits of using a CRM is to see how all your data is tied together.  One to one linkings like Contacts and Accounts is pretty simple, but what if many records in one module can be linked to many records in another module?  This is called a many-to-many relationship and read on the learn how to link modules using a multi-select lookup field in Zoho CRM. Read More