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App enhancements for mobile devices in Microsoft Dynamics

By March 30, 2023No Comments

We have explained the latest enhancements in model-driven apps for mobile devices and tablets in this article

Form Tabs should be locked

Users will be able to switch tabs at any time by enabling this feature. Tabs will remain visible at the top of the form even when users scroll through the form. You can enable the Lock tabs at the top of forms on mobile devices and tablets by following the steps below.

Choose the model-driven app, then select Open in App Designer, then select Settings, then go to Features, then enable the Lock tabs at the top of forms for mobile and tablet. If the setting is enabled, the tabs displayed on the form will lock even when scrolling.

Improvements to mobile commanding

The mobile commanding improvements feature is enabled, the Delete button will be hidden if no records have been selected in the grids, along with the Process button if no Process has been enabled for the respective entity.

The command bar will become more compact and readable if this feature is enabled, as shown in the screen clip below.

Native Mobile Date Time and Native Mobile Inputs

As soon as this feature is enabled, the date and time control and keyboard input type will be determined by the settings on the mobile device or tablet.

Command Bar Optimization for Tablets

Upon enabling this feature, it replaces the native command bar with the new web command bar at the top of the record. It also displays more commands in the command bar and helps users to visualize and use the commands effectively.


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