Using a Multi-Select lookup field in Zoho CRM

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One of the benefits of using a CRM is to see how all your data is tied together.  One to one linkings like Contacts and Accounts is pretty simple, but what if many records in one module can be linked to many records in another module?  This is called a many-to-many relationship and read on the learn how to link modules using a multi-select lookup field in Zoho CRM. Read More

Pipedrive: Smart Docs

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Smart Docs is a new feature from Pipedrive that allows you to hook into an existing document storage service (Google Drive, SharePoint, OneDrive) and create documents & document templates using dynamic data from Pipedrive.  Check out the additional features below.

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Dynamics 365: Recover Deleted Records with XRM Toolbox

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If you’re stumbling across this blog because you accidentally deleted a record in Dynamics, you are in luck! There is a way to recover it, but requires auditing to have been enabled for the entity.  It’s not possible to do out-of-the-box, but with the help of XRM Toolbox, it’s easy to recover the record.  Please note, this method requires administrator privileges. XRM Toolbox is an absolute must-have for Dynamics administrators.  The tools available are incredibly useful and most importantly, free.  One tool that recently came in handy for me (to say the least) is the “Recycling bin” tool–it can recover deleted records in Dynamics as long as auditing is enabled.   I’ll walk through using this tool below.

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Dynamics 365: Filter the Entities Shown in the PowerApps Designer

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The new PowerApps Designer has a completely different look and feel from the old solution window. One of the improved areas is entity navigation. While the old solution window did have a few View options to choose from (Customizable, Custom, All), I rarely used this for navigation and preferred to just scroll to the entity I needed. In the new PowerApps designer, however, I find the filters to be very helpful and use them frequently! Read More