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Setting Salesforce Record Page Tab Order

By March 16, 2023No Comments

Salesforce record page tab order is one of those things that can just bug you if it doesn’t flow with your users look at their information. 

What Is The Salesforce Record Page Tab Order?

The tab order refers to which tabs are first when you open a record.  For example, in the opportunity record example below, Activity comes before Details.  This is the default for Salesforce.

Salesforce record page tab order

How Can I Reorder Tabs?

Below is the process for setting the tab order:

  1. Have a record open on the page you want to set the default tab.
  2. Click the Gear (Setup) button and choose Edit Page.
  3. In the new interface scroll down on the left side until you find tabs and click it.
  4. Click and drag current tabs on the right side of the page to the order you want in the Tabs section in the middle right of the screen.
  5. Click on Save and Activate to save the changes.
  6. Click on Back to return to Salesforce with the new default tab.

Follow the above steps on any page you want to change the tab Order.

Please contact us at for any Salesforce questions or support you need.  Feel free to comment below. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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