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So you’ve successfully upgraded GoldMine to the lastest 2018 version.  Everything is working except you are getting an error when trying to run a filter or query and possibly the Contact Search Center.  This is because the new versions require a read only user be added for querying the database.

Don’t worry though.  You can quickly add it to GoldMine and filters/queries will work.

To add the read only user to GoldMine:

  1. You must be logged in as a user with Master rights
  2. Navigate to Tools -> Databases -> Alias Manager
  3. Select the database you are using from the list and click Edit Alias

  1. Check the Enable SQL Queries checkbox
  2. Type “ReadOnlyUser” into the Read-Only User box
  3. Type in a password for the user. It is suggested using the same password as the SQL sa account

  1. Click OK to save
  2. GoldMine will close. Log in.
  3. Go to Filters and preview a filter to ensure it works

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