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GoldMine: Create GoldMine History Records in Mass

There are times when you send a mass mailing or other activity outside of GoldMine but would still like to have a history record attached to the records that participated.  Some examples are if you sent holiday card or gifts, presentations, or any action done in mass that needs a history record. Read more

Corey Babka No Comments – Close Salesforce Lightning Activities with a Click of the Mouse

A quick and easy way to complete activities individually or in mass can be created by adding the Closed checkbox field to the Open Activities related list.  The checklist will display on each activity in the list.  When you check the box, the activity will automatically be marked as closed.  The activity will then move into the Activity History related list.  You can check one or more activities at a time. Read more

Corey Babka No Comments – Monitor Emails Sent from Salesforce

The Email Log files are a great way to monitor messages sent from Salesforce and when testing new templates.    The log file will include the status of the email as well as date,  UserID, recipient, and sender.

The file can retrieve up to the last 30 days of activity and will be available within 30 minutes of requesting it.  It is delivered via email in .csv format and can span multiple files if there are large amounts of messages sent. Read more