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Dynamics 365: View Service Health (2022)

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Service health is always a good thing to check when something is acting amiss in Dynamics.  For example, multiple users were unable to access reports in Chrome today (8/30), and the first thing I wanted to do was check the Service Health dashboard for related incidents.  Service health, incidents, and advisories have been relocated a few times over the past few years, and aren’t in the most logical spot.  This post will walk through how to navigate to the elusive service health area. Read More

Microsoft 365: Convert a Table to a Data Range

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Tables in Excel are typically helpful and easy to use, but occasionally you can run into formatting issues that just can’t seem to be fixed, like a cell that’s formatted as a percentage but displaying as a decimal.  I typically notice this issue with formatted cells — especially percentages & dates, even cells with data validation — and finally have a workaround: convert the table back to a data range. It even keeps the formatting of the cells, though it’s easy to remove if needed.

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