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Microsoft Fabric: Revolutionizing Data Analytics

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At the Microsoft Build 2023 conference, Microsoft unveiled its latest product – Microsoft Fabric. This AI-powered platform demonstrates the company’s commitment to revolutionizing data analytics solutions. With Fabric, Microsoft aims to bring together various elements of data analytics, including compute, storage, analytics stack, governance, and business models, into a cohesive and integrated solution. Read More

Azure OpenAI Service: Revolutionizing Conversational AI and Data Analysis

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Unlocking the Potential of Your Data: Maximize Your Data’s Value

By utilizing Azure OpenAI Service, you can unlock the full potential of your data without the need for training or fine-tuning. This service enables you to run OpenAI models directly on your data, providing advanced conversational AI capabilities through ChatGPT and GPT-4. Enhance communication, improve customer service, and increase productivity within your organization. These models not only leverage pre-trained knowledge but also access specific data sources to ensure up-to-date and accurate responses. Read More

A Bigin Deepdive: Getting Information from Bigin

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In the first installment of this series about small business CRM I described a CRM system as being nothing more than a database.  No matter what all the software companies say and no matter how many features or bells and whistles they include, the fact is still the same: you’re putting data into a shared database that can be used to better service your customers, manage your prospects and, in turn, grow your company. Read More

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