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Pipedrive: Field Mapping

By Pipedrive CRM No Comments

I had a few questions come up this month with respect to field mapping. Field mapping issues during imports can cause duplicate records being created across multiple record types, so if this has happened to you, check out this tip from earlier this year.  Pay close attention to the icons in the mapping section of the import wizard! Check out the screenshots in the tip for more information.  Cheers!

Microsoft 365: Open Online Office Document in the Desktop App

By Microsoft Office 365 No Comments

I recently had an Office document shared with me and accessed it via the link in the email notification, which opened the file in the online version of Excel.  I prefer to work in the desktop app, but even I had a heck of a time figuring out how to open the file there rather than the browser! Keep reading to learn how to open an Excel/PowerPoint/Word Online document in the desktop app. Read More

Working with Zoho CRM Report Folders

By Zoho CRM

Report Folders are a great way to organize your reports.  Zoho provides a set of standard report folders, organized by module, as well as report activity (recently viewed, created by me, etc…).  In addition, you can create your who folders and control how others can access them. Read More

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