Adding Object Notes to the Highlights Panel

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The Highlights Panel in Salesforce Lightning is a great way to quickly see useful information about the record without having to dig deeper.  There are limitations to the panel as you can only add 5 fields plus the record name (e.g., Account, Contact, etc.).  There is also a limitation that Text Area fields cannot be used to display in the panel nor can they be used in a formula. Read More

Personalizing Your Zoho CRM Home Screen

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When you open Zoho CRM every day you are taken by default to your Home screen. This is your daily dashboard, and it should have all the information you need to know to start your day. Zoho has pre-built a home screen for you, but what if the information you see isn’t useful? Good news – it’s easy to personalize to meet your needs! You can easily add components and re-order where each component is located. If your administrator has created a custom home screen for you, you can also toggle back and forth between these screens when needed. Read More

What is Zoho CRM Analytics?

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Zoho CRM Analytics is a powerful way for you view and analyze your data in custom views to meet your business needs. Analytics components are created in custom Dashboards and can also be added to your Home screen, giving you an overview of what matters most to you in just one glance. Let’s explore how to make Analytics work for you! Read More