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Dynamics 365: Add a Countdown Timer to a Form using a Timer Control

Did you know that you can add an out-of-the-box Timer to a form in Dynamics? The timer will count down to a date specified in the form, and display different statuses depending on conditions you set. You can add multiple timers to track against multiple milestones. In the example below, we’ll be adding a countdown timer to the Opportunity based on the Estimated Close Date. Read more

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Dynamics 365: Use the Relationship Explorer to add Shortcuts to Related Records

Have you ever wanted to look at records related to another record in Dynamics, but fail to see the shortcut? Or, as an Administrator, have you ever had to troubleshoot a record, but the “Background Processes” or  “Process Sessions” shortcuts were missing from a record? Keep reading to learn how to add these shortcuts. Read more

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Dynamics 365: Install Voice of the Customer for Version 9

We recently received a few questions about Voice of the Customer for D365 version 9, and I was investigating when I noticed our V0C solution was outdated. Every attempt to install the latest version failed, for no apparent reason.  Thanks to this blog post, I was able to figure out the issue.  Keep reading for step-by-step instructions to update VoC for version 9. Read more

Corey Babka 3 Comments – Using Process Builder Flow to create a running total of Order Sales Amount on an Account Record without Using a Rollup

When reviewing an Account’s orders, it can be helpful to see the total amount of Orders or sales the Account has had.  By creating a custom currency field on the Account object and a flow to update the value each time an Order is completed, you can create a summary field without having to use one of the allowed Rollup fields. Read more

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Office 365: Use Dictation in Word and PowerPoint

Did you know that you can dictate text to Word and PowerPoint, rather than type it?  I was never a fan of dictation features until having a baby a few weeks ago…now I use it all the time! As a matter of fact, I’m using it to write most of this blog post.  It’s very easy to use in Office 365–you just need a microphone. Read more