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Creating Salesforce Dashboard Components From Reports

By November 9, 2023No Comments

Using Salesforce dashboard components you can provide your organization with a visual way to assess performance.  Read on to learn more on how to create dashboard components from reports.

How Do I Create Salesforce Dashboard Components From Reports?

Before creating the dashboard component, ensure you have the report created.

  1. Create a new dashboard or click on the dashboard you want to add the component to and click Edit.
  2. Click the blue button to add a component.
  3. You will be prompted to pick a report – click on the one you want to add and then click Select.
  4. From here you can design the chart you want on the dashboard. This includes the type of chart, the axes and other customizations you can make. Salesforce dashboard components
  5. Once you have the component as you want, click Add.
  6. You can then continue to add new components or save the dashboard as is.

Please contact us at for any Salesforce questions or support you need.  Feel free to comment below. We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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