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Salesforce Page Layouts or Lightning Record Pages?

By October 30, 2023No Comments

If you want to make changes to your Salesforce Page Layouts and you are using Lightning, it can be very confusing how you should go about this.  Do you use Salesforce Page Layouts or Lightning Record Pages?

What Are Salesforce Page Layouts  and Lightning Record Pages?

Salesforce Page Layouts control the layout and organization of fields, buttons, and related lists, etc. on object record pages.  In addition, they determine which fields are visible or required as well as the field visibility for groups of users.  With Salesforce Page Layouts, you cannot customize the actual structure of the page (ie number of columns, where sections appear, etc).

Salesforce Lightning Record Pages are a collection of components on a single web page.  Each object has it’s own unique record page and it is possible to have Salesforce Page Layout within a Lightning Record Page.  Lightning Record Pages offer a lot more ways to customize how users can interact with a record based on who they are, what their profile is, etc.  This includes the visual appearance of the page including the number of columns, where sections appear, etc. Dynamic Forms replace Page Layouts for an org that is fully set up iwth Lightning.

Salesforce page layouts

When To Use Page Layouts Vs. Lightning Record Pages

Deciding when to use Page Layouts vs. Lightning Record Pages will depend on how your org is set up.  If you click on a component on a Lightning Record Page and “Record Details” appears in the top right corner, this means you need to go into Page Layouts to edit the fields.  Alternatively you can recreate the page as a Dynamic Form to keep it in Lightning.

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