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NEW! Import to Zoho CRM Subforms

By March 24, 2022No Comments

If you have worked with Zoho CRM subforms before, you know that a major limitation was being able to import data.  Zoho has now added this functionality!

What is a Zoho CRM Subform?

As a reminder, Zoho CRM subforms allow you to enter multiple values to a record.  For example, if you are an insurance company and you want to track the dependents for your customer, you can use a subform.  The benefit of using a subform is that you are not tied to a certain number of line items.

In addition, subforms can capture data in many forms – from lookup fields to other modules, dates, picklists, etc.

On of our most recent blogs related to Zoho CRM subforms was this one that highlighted how you can now add them to a template.

How Do I Import Data Into A Zoho CRM Subform?

Until recently, you could only bring in data to a subform if you were using the data migration functionality.  While this worked well during the initial Zoho setup, it made things difficult as customers used Zoho over time.

Fortunately, Zoho has now introduced the capability to import to subforms using the import functionality within a module.  Going forward, when you go to the dropdown within a module to create a record, you will have options to import to any subforms within the records.  As you can see from  the screenshot below, Zoho will list the names of your subforms to choose from.


Like any other imports, you will have the option to add new line items, update existing ones or both.  After you select one of these options, you will be able to map the fields in your file to those in Zoho CRM. For more assistance on importing records, please click here.

There are a few important items you will need to know as you  prepare your import file:

  • Any mandatory fields in your subform must be included in the file
  • The ID for the parent module (or another unique field in the parent module) must be included
    • Note: if you have more than one record for a record in the parent module, they will use the same ID or unique value

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