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A Zoho CRM Subform Can Now Be Required!

By December 20, 2022No Comments

Zoho CRM subforms are a really helpful way to add more than one value to a single record. For more on the background of what a subform is, read here.  For this blog, we are going to cover one of the newest improvements Zoho has made to subforms – marking them as required.

What is a Zoho CRM Subform?

As a reminder, Zoho CRM subforms allow you to enter multiple values to a record.  For example, if you are an insurance company and you want to track the dependents for your customer, you can use a subform.  The benefit of using a subform is that you are not tied to a certain number of line items.

In addition, subforms can capture data in many forms – from lookup fields to other modules, dates, picklists, etc.

What Is The New Improvement to Subforms?

Until now, you have had the ability to make a specific field in a subform required but not the entire subform itself.  Now, Zoho has added the capability to mark the entire subform as required.

Zoho CRM Subform

Once a subform is required, it will have to have at least one row of values for the entire record to be saved.  If a field is required, it will still need to be completed before the row of data can be saved.

With the rollout of this change, Zoho is going to automatically default subforms to be required if any field is currently required.  If you do not want the full subform to be required you will need to go into the properties and turn off Mark s required.

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