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Zoho CRM Email Creditibility Dashboard – New!

By October 30, 2023No Comments

The new Zoho CRM Email Credibility dashboard is a useful tool to help you monitor the email sending within your Zoho setup.

What Is Email Credibility?

Email credibility is a measure of the reputation assigned to an incoming email.  It is a critical factor in determining if an email will be delivered or not.

What Is the Zoho CRM EMail Credibility Dashboard?

The Zoho CRM Email Credibility dashboard can track spam complaints and bounce rates as well as provide recommendations to improve email performance.  The dashboard can be found by going to Setup > Emails> Email Deliverability and then the Email Creditiblity Tab.

The dashboard provides an Email Credibility Score based on sending practices.  This score will have a value between 1 and 100 with anything over 70 considered good.  The score ranges is below.

The scores are based on the number of spam complaints and bounce volume over time.  The recommendations provide ways to improve the score and will include ideas such as domain authentication, adding unsubscribe links to email templates among other ideas.

The second part of the dashboard provides more information on actual bounce performance.  This can help you to further understand and improve the score.

The dashboard can be found by going to Setup > Emails> Email Deliverability and then the Email Creditiblity Tab.

Other Things To Know About The Email Creditiblity Dashboard

  • Email credibility is also calculated based on the following:
    • emails sent using the email functionality in Zoho CRM
    • emails triggered by automation
    • bulk emails sent via Mass Email
    • if Email Insights is enabled, emails ent from a configured mailbox with IMAP or POP3 will have a Zoho CRM email  tracking link and also be counted
  • Zoho’s calculation also includes parameters such as the number of active users and the number of emails they have sent.

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