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Zoho CRM Email Bounce Enhancements

By October 30, 2023No Comments

Zoho CRM email bounce management has not always been easy.  Fortunately, Zoho has made some enhancements that will help in working with bounces in Zoho CRM.

What Are Email Bounces?

Let’s start making sure everyone understands what email bounces are.  Email bounces occur when Zoho CRM cannot deliver your emails.  Email bounces can be referred to as either soft or hard bounces.

A soft bounce tends to mean that an email is temporarily undeliverable because of an issue on the recipient’s side.  Issues could include a full mailbox, the receiving server is down and many others.  A hard bounce  means the email has failed for more permanent reasons such as the recipient’s email is invalid or the receiving server has permanently blocked your domain among other reasons.

What Are The Zoho CRM Email Bounce Enhancements?

  • Temporary and permanent email bounces information
    • Temporary bounces include soft bounces and some types of hard bounces.  These type of bounces can be directly unblocked by the user.  Permanent blocks typically cannot be blocked without contacting Zoho Support.
    • You can see what type of email bounce the contact under their lead/contact email related list, or the list view for the module. You will see a warning icon that indicates the type of bounce and if you hover over the icon you will get more information
  • Unblock valid email addresses
    • Users can not unblock email addresses that were temporary bounces – you can find this by filtering in a l ist view
    • From the record detail page or list view, hover over the bounce info icon next to the email address and check the box confirming the bounce reason has been resolved and click confirm
    • You can also do this with a mass update
    • You can manually unblock an email address up to 5 times after which it will be considered permanently blocked and require assistance from Zoho support.
  • Periodic unblock based on conditions
    • Zoho has now established a period review every 6 months where the system will automatically unblock previously blocked email issues if the reason they were bounced is resolved.

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