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Zoho CRM Activities – New View Options!

By August 16, 2023September 27th, 2023No Comments

As many of you know, the way Zoho CRM activities are viewed within a record underwent some changes about 18 months ago.  We explained those changes here.  At the time, many users were not happy since you could no longer sort all activities together to see the most recent activities regardless of activity type.  Luckily Zoho has now made some changes to bring some of the old functionality back.

What Are The New View Options For Zoho CRM Activities?

Zoho is now providing three different ways to view CRM activities – column, chronological and tab.  All three options are available in both the Open and Closed Activities related lists.

Viewing CRM Activities in Column View

Column view is the default view.  It shows a column for each activity type.  Within this view you can choose the fields to see for each record and you can get a quick overview of all open or closed activities.

Viewing CRM Activities in Chronological View

This view displays all activities as a list in chronological order.  You can choose up to 8 columns – 3 required ones and 5 of your choice.

Viewing CRM Activities in Tab View

This view provides a list view instead of the card view shown in the column view.  Here you will have a tab for Tasks, Meetings and Calls. You can choose up to 8 columns – 3 required ones and 5 of your choice.

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