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Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive – View Workflow History

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Pipedrive has another new feature!  You can now view workflow history (each instance that a workflow has been triggered) in a single spot.  This makes it easy to keep tabs on existing workflows to ensure things are running smoothly! We frequently check workflow instances in other CRMs while troubleshooting, so it’s a helpful addition to PD.  Read More

Pipedrive – Add a Delay to a Workflow

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Pipedrive has added the ability to include a delay in workflow automation, which is incredibly convenient!  This adds a step to a workflow to “pause” it for a certain amount of time.  Now, you can send automated follow-ups or create activities after a certain period of time.  Keep reading to learn how to use this excellent feature. Read More

Pipedrive – Introducing Projects

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Projects in Pipedrive is a new feature that allows organizations to track projects specifically, with relevant features like project activities.  Most organizations used an additional pipeline to track post-award activities like projects until now, so this is a welcome update!  It does appear to require an additional subscription after it is fully released to the public, but a free trial will be available to all.  As of June 2022, this is still being rolled out to all users, so you might need to wait to try it out.

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Pipedrive: Security Suggestions

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I always enjoy stumbling upon new-to-me features in CRMs — this week, I’ve got a sneaky Pipedrive security tip.  Pipedrive actually has a “wizard” that makes security-related suggestions based on your actual organization.  Keep reading to learn more! Read More

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