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Pipedrive – Add a Delay to a Workflow

By June 29, 2022No Comments

Pipedrive has added the ability to include a delay in workflow automation, which is incredibly convenient!  This adds a step to a workflow to “pause” it for a certain amount of time.  Now, you can send automated follow-ups or create activities after a certain period of time.  Keep reading to learn how to use this excellent feature.

In the left menu, select “…”, then “Workflow Automation”.

Open or create a workflow:

If creating a new workflow, set the trigger, then select a “+” square to add a delay:

Choose “Delay”:

You can set the Delay to a predefined or custom unit of time (with the option to select weekends!):


time selection


Select “Apply Delay”, and that should do the trick.  The next step will trigger after that amount of time set has passed.


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