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I like my calendars to be color-coded.  It looks nice, and when you have a busy week it just helps make sense of your calendar at a glance. You can use conditional formatting in Outlook to automatically assign colors to calendar items using conditions that you create. This really takes the work out of color-coding your calendar!

Open the Calendar View Settings by going to the Calendar in Outlook, then selecting the View tab, then “View Settings”:

Select Conditional Formatting:

Click “Add” to create a rule. Give it a name and color for the calendar items. Select Condition to create the rule needed to color-code the meeting:

In this example, I want calendar items containing “PTO” to be teal, so I just used the keyword search in the condition window:

That’s all I need for this rule, but check out the other tabs to get a feel for the conditions you can create:

I created a calendar item called “PTO”, and sure enough, it was assigned the color teal immediately:


  1. Are you able to save it in cloud or something because the colors will not show up on outlook android/iOS app but I have them color coordinated on PC where I colored them.

    • Hello,
      I have not tested this myself, but according to this UserVoice post, Microsoft added this feature to the IOS (not sure about Android) app over Summer 2019. According to that post, “To check to see if you should have this feature, go to Settings > Accounts > Account Details. If you see “Microsoft sync technology” at the bottom, you should have this feature.”

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