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Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Teams: View the New “Channel Info” Pane

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Microsoft has recently added a new feature to Teams that allows you to see basic information about a channel at the click of a button.  You can instantly see the team the channel belongs to, members that recently contributed to the channel, a full list of all channel members, and recent updates to the channel.  You can even add members to the team right from the Info pane if your permissions allow it. Read More

Office 365: View your (Up-to-date) Google Calendar in Outlook

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While I typically work with clients who have Microsoft Exchange and use Outlook, there are occasionally instances where folks need to use Outlook in conjunction with Google Calendar–usually to view personal or family calendars.  Below, I’ll outline how to add a read-only copy of your Google Calendar to Outlook.  Any updates made to the Google Calendar will appear in Outlook, but you will not be able to publish changes to the calendar from Outlook–that will still need to be done from Google. (Note, there are some paid plugins that allow you to make changes to the calendar from Outlook).

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Microsoft Teams: Add a Group Calendar to Teams

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2020 Update: Microsoft is still working on implementing an out-of-the-box solution for this as of February 2020.  I’ve made a few wording updates to the steps below to make the steps a bit more clear.

Per this UserVoice post, Microsoft is working to make Group Calendars native to Microsoft Teams via the “Meetings”/Calendar view, but below you’ll find one potential workaround in the meantime.  Please note that the below workaround may not work for users with On Premise mailboxes.
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Office 365: Set Default Paste Formatting in OneNote

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Note: This tip is intended for the OneNote app as OneNote 2016 is no longer being updated.
Did you know that in the OneNote app, you can set the default paste formatting behavior? If you find yourself frequently changing the paste formatting after pasting, you might want to configure this setting! You can still easily change the formatting mode if the default mode isn’t best for the content being pasted. Read More

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