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Zoho CRM – How to see everyone’s activity in Feeds

Notice how if you look at the Feeds module you basically see your own activity.  You can “follow” specific records, and you will then see any activity related to those followed records as well.  What if you just want to see ALL activity in feeds?  That’s where auto-follow rules come into play.

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GoldMine : Creating Resources as Users

Ever wanted to schedule a Conference Room or Service Truck on the Calendar in GoldMine? Simply create a new user. GoldMine allows you to create a infinite number of users, so this doesn’t affect licensing.

  1. From the top-level menu in GoldMine, select Tools | Users Settings. (You must have MASTER rights to do this)
  2. Click the “New” button to get started.
  3. Give the username a simple, descriptive value (i.e. TRUCK1 or CONF5) .
  4. Make sure to make a password for this account, otherwise anyone would be able to login with it.
  5. Ok your way out.

Now, when viewing the calendar, you can schedule TRUCK1 or CONF5 as a user. This will prevent double-booking of the same resource.

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GoldMine : Changing the Calendar Time Increment

Did you know that you can change the time increment on the graphical calendar? Think of it as changing the calendar resolution. That way, when you click-drag items onto the calendar, you have more control over the duration. This can be especially useful for those who are scheduling a lot of Phone Calls.

  1. From the Goldmine top-level menu, select Tools | Options | Calendar.
  2. Change the “Increment Time By” setting to your desired interval.

I typically see this set to 15 or 30 minutes. Have fun!


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GoldMine : Automatically Alarm Activities

Did you know that you can set GoldMine to auto-alarm on a per-activity-type basis? This has actually always been available, but “back in the day” we had to edit an INI file to get this working.

Now it’s much easier;

  1. From the GoldMine top level menu, select Tools | Options | Alarms | More Options.
  2. Simply check the box each to next Activity Type you’d like to have automatically alarmed.

Pro Tip : Don’t give in to the desire to alarm EVERYTHING. Alarming everything just makes alarms useless.

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Microsoft Teams – Global Search and Filtering

One little-discussed feature of Microsoft Teams is the Search bar. It is accessible from all 5 navigation areas (Activity, Chat, Teams, Meetings, & Files), and is actually quite handy! Microsoft Teams stores all of your organization’s history indefinitely in the cloud, so you’ll be able to refer back to links, files, conversations, etc.  Read more

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Microsoft Teams – Communicate with Multiple Channels Simultaneously

We had a great question come in a bit ago asking about how you could send a message to multiple teams or channels at once. I briefly touched on this on a previous post but wanted to explain a bit more thoroughly.  You can send an email to multiple Channel email addresses, and it will appear in that Channel’s conversation tab. This is a great way to send blast messages out because you can send messages to multiple Teams’ channels. Read more

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Dynamics 365 – Using Business Rules to Set Default Values

This tip is meant to save yourself a little time (every second counts, right?) when completing forms in CRM.

Sometimes fields can be filled in on forms by default if the response is typically true under X condition(s). For example–you might know that if an opportunity or lead is related to Product X or Y, it applies to Business Unit A, while if the interest is in Product Z, it applies to Business Unit B. You use a Business Rule on a form to set the conditions and default values. Being default values, they can be changed after they are set. Read more