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GoldMine : Filtering Pending and History

Did you know that you can filter and sort your History and Pending tabs like you would an Excel sheet?

First thing is to enable filtering within the tab. Right click and make sure that “Filter” is checked.

Now, use the drop down column headers with the tab to filter and sort;

You can always tell there is a Filter enabled by looking at the bottom strip of the tab, like this;

Be aware! The filter will persist, even through a restart of GoldMine! To release the filter, you must click the “X” on the left of the Filter notification. And don’t forget about that super-cool right-click | Output To…

Try it!

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GoldMine : Maximizing the Notes Field

Ah, Notes! The lifeblood of GoldMine. But did you know that you can make it even easier to enter in all those precious details? When you’re in the Complete or Schedule window, click the little button in the lower right hand corner (the one with the two “down arrows” on it).

And… presto! You get a larger window to write your notes in;

Keep in mind this doesn’t change the amount of Notes you can enter. It merely makes it easier to work inside the Notes area. Also, keep in mind that GoldMine notes accept rich text (HTML), so feel free to paste (almost) anything!

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GoldMine : Commenting Picklist Items

Did you know that you can “comment” pick-list items to help your users select the correct entry? I see a lot of Goldmine installations with tons of “codes”, like this;

By adding a double slash (“//”),  you can provide friendly descriptions for each item. Anything after the slashes is ignored. So, our list of confusing codes can now look like this;

You can do this with any pick-list. It really comes in handy when training new users. Try it!

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Zoho CRM – Duplicate Detection on Import using Custom field

Using Zoho CRM “out of the box”, you have limited options to select from to identify duplicates on import.  For example, in the Contacts module, you can choose from Email address or Contact ID.  But did you know that you can create a custom field and with the right settings have it show up in the list?  Here’s how… Read more

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Zoho CRM – Campaign Source Fields Explained

Leads can be related to many Campaigns in your CRM.  You can see the list of campaigns in the Campaign related list below the lead details.  The very first Campaign a Lead is connected to is it’s “Campaign Source”, and this information is stored in an inaccessible field.  When the lead is converted this is the campaign that flows down to the newly generated Deal record as the Deal’s Campaign Source.  So what if you wanted to measure the number of leads a campaign actually generated?  If you create a report that gives you a lead count per campaign – this report will include each time a Lead was involved in a campaign, NOT the leads generated by the campaign.  One easy solution is to generate a custom lookup field “Source Campaign” and manually populate it with that first campaign name.  Then you can use this custom field to generate your report to get the count of leads actually generated by each campaign! For a more auto-mated, advanced solution, you can use workflow to populate the field automatically.

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GoldMine : Setting Default Username

Does your GoldMine always come up with the wrong username? This can drive you crazy, but it’s easy enough to fix. You need to actually edit the properties of your Desktop shortcut;

  1. Right-click your GoldMine shortcut and select Properties.
  2. In the Target box, add the following text; /U:Username (where “Username” is your GoldMine username).
  3. Hit Apply and then Ok  your way out.

GoldMine will now come up with whatever name you typed for Username. For those of you using a “Pinned” GoldMine shortcut, you will need to Unpin and Re-pin the application to the taskbar.


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GoldMine : Revoking Deletion Permissions

We had a client that not too long ago lost a contact record due to a mistaken deletion. It also just happened that their backups had also failed, so that record is now gone forever. Because of this, we always urge folks to use a “Deletion Strategy”.

Some common suggestions we have are;

  1. Remove everyone’s ability to delete contact records under Tools | Users Settings | Properties | Access.
  2. Only allow deletions to be made by a few (or one) veteran users.
  3. Create a field on the Contact Record specifically to mark records for future deletion (ensuring that an actual human being looks at the list before records are purged)
  4. Create a new “archive” database. Instead of deleting records outright, simply Move them into the Archive and out of production.

I guess the moral of the story is that by default, GoldMine allows any user to delete any Contact Record. I urge you to consider what kind of issues this could cause.

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GoldMine : Setting Tab-Stops

Did you know that you can TAB around the fields on the Primary Contact record? It’s easy to forget that keystrokes used to be a “thing”; nowadays everyone begins by reaching for their mouse.

You can also customize the TAB-stop order in field properties.

To do this;

  1. Log into GoldMine as MASTER or equivalent.
  2. Right-click on a field label and select Properties.
  3. Go to the Layout tab.
  4. Change the Position in the lower right-hand corner and Ok your way out.

A few notes: Goldmine won’t magically change the Position number of the other fields, so you must edit this for all the fields on the contact record at the same time. I find it easiest to actually print out a screenshot of the contact record itself and mark it up with a pen, noting which field should be in which order. Then just go ahead to run through them all. It’s not as bad as it sounds.

Have fun!