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GoldMine : Max Records to Show

Did you know that you can control how many items are shown in any given list view? This is easy.

1. Right-click within the list you want to control (in our case, the History Tab).

2. Select Options | Maximum Number of Records Shown.

3. Input the new number of records you want to see.

4. Ok your way out.

Decreasing this number can help boost GoldMine performance, but use with care!


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GoldMine : Enabling/Disabling Universal Search

Did you know that you can turn Universal Search on or off? This is actually pretty easy to do.

1. Log into GoldMine as MASTER or equivalent.

2. Go to Tools | Configure | System Settings.

3. Go to the Advanced Tab.

4. Click the button to Install/Uninstall Universal Search.

5. Ok your way out.

Try it, and have some fun!



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GoldMine : Setting the Default Username

Are you sick and tired of putting your GoldMine username into the login window at startup? I don’t blame you. There is actually a way to do this within your GoldMine shortcut.

  1. Right-click on your GoldMine shortcut, select Properties.
  2. In the Target box, add the following text: /u:USERNAME (USERNAME being *your* username).
  3. Ok your way out!


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Office 365: Use @mentions in Outlook Emails

We’ve all been there–on both sides: we’ve missed our name in an email, or we’ve mentioned someone else’s name, and they never responded to the question.  Did you know that Outlook has a built-in way to highlight a name in the body of an email? You don’t even need Exchange for this to work! Read more

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Office 365: Research from within Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word has a great, not-so-new feature that allows you to easily research a topic right from Word–you don’t even need to open a browser window.  Next time you’re reading a document, and a topic is mentioned that you don’t recognize, use these instructions to find out more from within Word:
Read more

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Dynamics 365: Use Excel Online to make Importing or Editing Read-Only Records a Breeze

I touched on this tip a bit last month, but wanted to dedicate a post just to this tip, because I love it that much.  This tip is especially useful if you ever need to edit a Read-Only record but don’t want to re-activate the record just to make the change. Closed Opportunities are a great example of this!

Additionally, Excel Online can be really useful any time you want to edit a record in Dynamics–read-only or not. It removes a lot of the pain associated with Importing (though it’s not foolproof!).

Read more

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Zoho CRM – Scoring Rules

Use Zoho CRM’s built-in scoring rules to auto-score and prioritize your leads!  You can define sets of rules related to values of fields in the leads module, email activity, survey activity (using Zoho Survey) and document Signing activity (if you’re using Zoho Sign)  Here’s how… Read more