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Dynamics 365: Clear the Cache in Dynamics 365 Portals

Dynamics 365: Clear the Cache in Dynamics 365 Portals

If you have a Portal provisioned for your Dynamics 365 Instance (also known as a Field Service Portal or Project Service Portal), you’ll know that there can be a fairly long delay when making customizations to the Portal—changes to pages or forms often do not get pushed to the Portal for minutes or even hours.  This makes it very difficult for administrators to manage and customize the Portals—you can’t quickly test your changes!  The most common way to push changes that seem “stuck” is to restart the Portal from Azure.  What if you’re not an Azure administrator or otherwise cannot access Azure? What if you don’t want to disrupt your Portal users for minutes while the entire Portal restarts? Read more

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Dynamics 365: How to Troubleshoot Workflow Issues

If you are a Dynamics Administrator, you’ll likely have received questions like this:
-Why didn’t X record get created automatically like it normally does after I did Y?
-When I updated X field, Y field on a different record never changed like it’s supposed to?
Essentially, these are all questions about workflows not working as expected.  In this post, I’ll show you how to troubleshoot these situations where a workflow did not successfully complete. Read more

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Office 365: Install Software from the Office 365 Portal

You can manage your software installations from the Office 365 Portal. This can be really helpful if, for example, you just got a new computer and it’s missing some programs, or you just want to see if there are any other programs that you have access to but don’t have installed.  To access the available software for installation, keep reading below! Read more

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Office 365: Change your Office 365 Password

Maybe your current password is too hard to type, maybe it’s expiring soon—but for whatever reason, if you need to change your Office 365 password, keep reading! If your organization allows it, you can change your Office 365 Password from the Office 365 Portal. Please note that this will affect OneDrive, Skype for Business, Outlook, etc.
Read more

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GoldMine : Automatically Scheduling Followups

This is one of the most useful features in GoldMine, and so easy to use.  In the Complete a… window (that is, anytime you’re completing history) there is a checkbox at the bottom which is labeled “Schedule a Followup”. Simply check this box to automatically open the scheduling window when the history is complete. That’s it! Just that easy. Try it, and have fun!

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GoldMine : Adding Comments to the Contact Record

On the Summary Tab, there is a super-useful field called Comments. This just a text field meant to hold general comments about the contact. However, storing anything important in this field is problematic because it’s on the Summary tab, and not the main contact record.

To add this field to the contact record:

  1. Right-click anywhere on the Primary Contact Record and select “New Field”.
  2. Select “Comments” from the drop down list.
  3. Place the field anywhere you want it to appear.
  4. Click away from the field, then click “Ok” on the following window.

Ta-da! Try it, and have fun!

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GoldMine : Viewing the Process Monitor

The GoldMine Process Monitor is the window that shows you any active processes currently running. This would include E-mail auto-retrieval, global replaces, etc. However, the default position of this window is a “pop-up” state. Meaning that it displays as a little tab in the bottom left of GoldMine and only shows itself if you hover over it.

To get the Process Monitor as an actual GoldMine tab:

  1. Expand the Process Monitor by hovering over it.
  2. Right click on the top edge of the Process Monitor.
  3. Select “Show as MDI Window”.

Ta-da! A lot of folks have view and/or latency issues with the default pop-up style of this window. This will circumvent virtually all of them.

Corey Babka No Comments – Changing Themes in SF

So to add a little flare to’s lightning edition, they’ve added in Themes which can alter the look and feel of your company’s user experience.  In this post, we’ll just explore it a bit and what they look like (the out of the box themes).  Next tip I’ll actually go into the customization and creation of your own theme…. Read more