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ZOHO CRM – Relate a record to more than one user

In each module of Zoho CRM, there has always been the standard “Owner” field which is essentially a User look-up that designates which user “owns” the record.  Zoho has recently added some exciting new customization features, one of which is the ability to add a custom “User” field to a module form.  This new feature allows you to relate the record to more than one user!  It is available on the field palette:

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ZOHO CRM – Viewing Other User’s Calendars

Viewing other users’ calendars in Zoho CRM is as easy as 1-2-3…

  1. Open your calendar in CRM by clicking on the calendar icon in the upper right corner and clicking on Day, Week orMonth links at the bottom.
  2. Click the drop down in the upper left corner of the calendar view and choose Users
  3. Click the checkboxes next to the names of the users whose calendars you’d like to view and Click Done



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Office 365: Intro to SWAY + Resources

If you haven’t worked with this relatively new program from Microsoft before, I encourage you to check it out. Sway is like a super-modernized Powerpoint–it’s really good at displaying information in a clean way, but there is so much more room for customization than Powerpoint, which is pretty linear in design.
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Office 365: Pin Documents on the Portal

On the topic of the Office 365 Home Page, I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention a sneaky little feature on that is hiding in plain sight.  If you’re working on a project and keep accessing the same documents, or would like to quickly reference any document at all (including OneNote Notebooks!), it’s easy to “Pin” them. Read more

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GoldMine : Removing Menu Items

Did you know that you can remove single menuitems from folks top-level menus. Not only is this a way to prevent catastrophe (for example, the Delete Records Wizard can wipe out your entire database), it’s also a way to make the GoldMine interface friendlier for end users.

You can edit the menu under Tools | Users Settings | Properties | Menu Tab.

Simply use the tree to turn items on (in green) or off (in red). The Save Menu Layout tool works as you might expect: it saves the current menu template so it can be easily applied to other users.

Some Common Items I see Removed:

1. Everything under Tools | Data Management.

2. Everything under Tools | Synchronize.

3. All the “weird” items under Complete (i.e. Event, Other Action, etc).

Have at it, and good luck!


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GoldMine : When Should you use Notes?

Another client of mine was hit by this recently; the issue of improperly using the Notes Tab. We had found that an end-user was completing calls using the tab (instead of properly using Complete from the top level menu). To be sure, the Notes tab is handy but should be used for general “non-transactional” items. Like driving directions, shipping instructions, etc. You will also run into eventual issues exporting data from the Notes tab should you ever choose to go to a different CRM product.

Here are a few ways to mitigate your Notes Tab issues;

1. Make sure that end users understand the difference between Notes and History.

2. Turn the Notes tab off for everyone under Tools | Users Settings | Preferences | Record | Tabs.

3. Place some easy-to-use Complete a Call buttons on the tool bar using the toolbar designer (Add/Remove Buttons | Customize | Commands | Complete).

Again, use the Notes tab sparingly and with caution. And good luck!

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Dynamics 365: View Storage Breakdown with Organization Insights

Organization Insights is a module that provides fantastic metrics about your Dynamics 365 instance–usage breakdowns, activity, plugin and system job details–and I encourage any administrators to check it out and see what you can learn about your system! This tip is focused on Storage, however–keep reading to find out more.

To add Organization Insights to your system, check out these two pages from Microsoft:

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GoldMine : Revoking Delete Access

This seems to happen a lot: users deleting contact records mistakenly. The real issue is that this often requires a call and billable time from yours truly to restore the record from backup. Much better to not have the problem at all! To remove the end-user ability to delete contact records:

1. Go to Tools | Users Settings (you need MASTER rights to do this).

2. Select the user in question, click Properties.

3. On the Access Tab, uncheck “Delete” under Contact Record (top left).

4. Ok your way out.

The user will need to restart their GoldMine to get the change. Try it, and good luck!