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Dynamics 365: Perform a Health Check on your Schedule Board

For those of you with Dynamics 365 PSA/Project Operations or Field Service — did you know that there is a wizard to check the health of your schedule board?  This can be helpful if your schedule board stops working as expected, or if you’re just doing some spring cleaning/overall maintenance.  Keep reading to learn where to find it!

This feature (along with the new Schedule Board UI) appears to only be available in the Resource Scheduling app, so if you typically access your schedule board from the Sales Hub or another app, take note!

To find the Resource Scheduling app, select whatever app you are currently in:

Then find the Resource Scheduling app:

In the lower left corner, change the navigational menu item to “Settings”.  From here, select “Administration” on the left just under the “Scheduling” header. Select “Scheduling Parameters”:


Click “Health Diagnostics” in the top menu:

This will open a new tab. Select “Run Diagnostics”:


You’ll see the results pop up quickly with suggestions:

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