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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Dynamics 365: Mapping Fields

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Mapping Fields can be a significant time saver if you are frequently qualifying leads or creating new contacts from an account record, for example. When you map a field, it carries the data over from one record in an entity to another record in a different entity. I do suggest having both the Source & Target forms open so you can check your work–field names can be tricky!

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Dynamics 365: Get your SSRS Custom Reports Working Again after the Regional Discovery Service Retirement

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Very recently, Microsoft retired the regional discovery service .  This broke my connection to all of my custom SSRS reports in Visual Studio–I started getting authentication errors for each report.  What a pain!  So, if you start getting authentication errors in Visual Studio, but you know the credentials are correct, try this. (Kudos to Kelsey @ The Marks Group for this fix) Read More

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