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Dynamics 365: Use the ARC Rule & SLA Migration Tool

By August 30, 2022No Comments

For a full, in-depth walkthrough, you can reference the Microsoft article here

Automatic Record Creation rules and Service-Level Agreements are being deprecated and must be migrated this year. Thankfully, Microsoft has provided a migration tool, but it’s not the easiest to find! Keep reading for more information.

First, go to the Customer Service Hub – even if you normally don’t use it!

Expand the menu and select “Service Management”, then find the “ARC & SLA Migration Tool” under “Data Management”:

From here, select “Start migration” at the bottom of the screen:

Select whether you want to migrate Automatic record creation rules or SLAs, then click “Next”:

Next, a pre-migration checkup will automatically start.  Proceed to the next step, select “next” again to review the ARC rules or SLAs for migration:

After reviewing and confirming, proceed to the migration step and finish up the migration.  Be sure to open up the case creation rules at the end and open the link to the related Power Automate Flow! This is crucial for the automatic record creation rule to work.

Be sure to save and turn on the flow.

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