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5 Zoho Mail Sign-Up Tips

By April 26, 2019May 6th, 2020No Comments

Zoho Mail sign-up tipsWhen Zoho says that it has millions of users, the company is really talking about its email software. Yes, there are plenty of people and companies who use its other business apps, but Zoho Mail is by far the company’s most popular application.  Here are five things you need to about it:

You can use it with any email software

Think of Zoho Mail like Gmail. When you sign up for an account, you can then use the email service through any browser and an any device you choose: from Apple to Google to Microsoft. There’s also a very strong mobile application.  But if you want to connect your existing email software, Outlook or any other, you can do that, too. Zoho Mail allows you to use it as an email server for your company as well, so you can keep your domain name when you send and receive emails from customers or others that you’re doing business with.

It’s free

Zoho Mail offers a great free version, and it’s popular. The free version gives you 5GB of space and the ability to store 25MB of email attachments. It can synchronize with Microsoft Exchange, forward email and track tasks and appointments, calendar, notes and bookmarks. The system comes with the features expected for most mainstream email applications, like filtering, rules, signatures, searching, out-of-office, and vacation replies. By upgrading to the paid version, users will also get the ability to store 40MB of email attachments and other features, like archiving of documents, and backup and analytics.

Migrating from your existing system is easier than you may think

If you’re migrating from G Suite or Office 365, then don’t worry. Zoho Mail has its specially created migration tool. You can migrate using IMAP/POP or Microsoft Exchange.

It has collaboration features

Zoho Mail comes with many built-in collaboration features. With the application, you can make announcements, assign tasks, create events and share notes with your teammates who can like, comment or share. It’s document management features allows you to search, share and explore files that your team saves.  The software will also allow users to review drafts of emails before being sent, as well as other files and folders in advance of approval.

It has powerful administrative features

Like any corporate email system, Zoho Mail comes with strong administrative controls. You can create administrator and super-administrators who can then add, remove, or view the access level for all your users, as well as set up email aliases and reset passwords. Administrators can also set up group email accounts for teams and assign moderators and members. Administrators can also set up email policies that are GDPR-compliant. All emails are also stored in audit logs, and access can be set up with two-factor authentication.

Zoho Mail is a great alternative to G Suite and Microsoft Exchange, and a great option to consider for your company.  Of course, you know who to call if you need help setting it up, right?

Zoho Mail sign-up, plus other tips

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