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There are several ways to send e-mail messages to your contacts.  Creating templates for e-mails that are sent often such as requests and form letters, streamlines how you send them.

From Salesforce you can send an e-mail to contacts and leads with a valid e-mail address.  The Send an Email button is located on many of the Salesforce pages including opportunity, account, case, campaign, lead, and contacts.

To Send an E-mail Using Templates:

  1. Navigate to the record of the person you want to send the email to.
  2. Click on the Send an Email

  1. From the Send an Email page, click the Select Template
  2. Choose the folder your template is stored in from the dropdown.
  3. Click on the template name.

  1. The Send an Email page will update with the template subject and body. If there are any merge fields, they will be populated with the appropriate field data.
  2. Add any changes to the body, being mindful of merge fields.
  3. Add additional recipients.

  1. When ready, click the Send

If the contact or lead in the To: does not have a valid email address or is blank, you will get a messages letting you know before sending.  It will provide a link to correct the address.

A record is created in the linked contact/lead Activity History list.


    • Hello,

      The lightning steps are basically the same. The Send Email button by default will be in the Activities side bar. It may also be elsewhere if customization have been applied.

      As Lightning is becoming more popular we will provide more content on Lightning and/or include steps if they are different.

      Thank you

  1. Hey, Becci

    Thanks for guide the using of salesforce templates… is that possible and easy to create new build templates… currently I’m using third party email tools for that… asking for your suggestion… let me know your opinion.

    • Hi Michel,

      Sorry for the delay. If you are doing single or smaller merges, you can create templates in Salesforce and send via Email Alerts and automate in processes. You can do basic templates or use html. I will be doing a series on templates soon. In the mean time you can find email templates in Set Up by searching for Email Templates and give it a try.

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