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ZOHO CRM – First two steps to troubleshoot strange behaviour

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When you observe really strange behaviour in your Zoho Account, there are two things you should do before you spin your wheels too much trying to figure out what’s happening….
  1. Clear the Cache in your browser (if your browser is not listed below, simply search ‘clear cache in “Name of your browser”‘ for instructions)
  2. Check to see if it is a system wide issue, or something more localized to your account, by using the DownDetector website.  Click Here

ZOHO CRM – Show/Hide Fields on form

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In Zoho CRM, you can now establish “Layout Rules” that will show or hide fields and/or sections and/or make fields mandatory based on criteria!  This will go a long way towards managing your module forms and making them easier for your users to use!

For example, let’s say you sell two “Types” of Services.  Based on the type of service you sell, you need to collect a different set of information for your Deal record.

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GoldMine : Dealing with the Process Monitor

By GoldMine CRM

The GoldMine Process Monitor. Love it, hate it; either way we must all deal with it. It shows, for instance, automatic e-mail retrieval history, global update and deletion logs; it is the essential window into troubleshooting the GoldMine universe.

But why is it set to auto-hide itself by default? Untouched, the Process Monitor will hide itself along the bottom edge of your GoldMine. To view it, the idea is to float your mouse cursor over the top edge and it appears like magic.

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GoldMine : Filtering History

By GoldMine CRM

A GoldMine customer asks: There are so many items in the History tab that I can’t find what I am looking for.

To correct this:
* Within the History tab, Right-click > Options > Filter.
* This brings up the Activity Filter window.

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GoldMine : Tagged Records

By GoldMine CRM

Did you know that you can “tag” Contact Records within your Search Center, making them a “pseudo-group”?

When viewing results in your Search Center, you can check the box on the left of each row to Tag the record in question. Once one or more records are Tagged, this becomes an “Active Filter”, which means it can work with all the Filter-aware function of GoldMine. These include Building a Group, Merging an Template, Global Replace, etc.

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