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Zoho CRM Dashboards now supports creating a dashboard from a Matrix report! (Before only summary reports were supported).  Here’s an example of how you can use this feature…

Activity Report Dashboard.   Say you just want to see how many combined calls, events and tasks are being accomplished for each of your users in CRM. 

STEP 1:  create a Matrix report with the following settings:

  • Select Module: Activities
  • No related data needed for this report
  • Report type: Matrix
    • Groupings:
      • Row Headings: Activity Owner
      • Column Headings: Modified Time (group by Month/Year)
    • Columns to Total – select Record Count Sum
  • Filters
    • Standard – set your time frame by selecting Activity Modified Time is in Last 6 Months
    • Advanced – to only count activities that are completed set the advanced criteria as shown below:
  • Choose a folder, name it, describe it and save it.

This will give you a list of record counts in a tabular form.

STEP 2 – make the Dashboard!

  • Click on Dashboards in the top navigation panel
  • Click the +add Link next to Dashboards in Upper right, OR click on an existing Dashboard (if adding, name your dashboard and choose sharing)
  • Click the Blue +Add Component button in the center of the screen
  • Select Get From Report, then find your report and select it
  • Choose a Stacked Bar Graph with the following settings:

  • Click save to see the resulting graph

STEP 3 – Add the new component to your home page

  • Click on Home in the top navigation bar
  • Scroll down to the last component and click on Add component in the next component placeholder
  • Select Dashboard, then find the dashboard you just created
  • Give it a name and save!

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