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Microsoft Teams – User Feedback

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Let’s be real–Microsoft Teams is still in its infancy. While a new release–with new features–arrives every few weeks, there is still a lot of room for improvement! (By the way, you can check recent release notes under Chat->T-Bot->Release Notes.) As you explore and use Teams, you may think of improvements or new feature ideas. It’s very easy to submit them, and you absolutely should! These ideas funnel back to the User Feedback website for Microsoft Teams. Not only can you submit ideas (or bugs, for that matter)–you can also stay up-to-date and vote on existing & popular ideas.

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Microsoft Teams – Communicate with Multiple Channels Simultaneously

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We had a great question come in a bit ago asking about how you could send a message to multiple teams or channels at once. I briefly touched on this on a previous post but wanted to explain a bit more thoroughly.  You can send an email to multiple Channel email addresses, and it will appear in that Channel’s conversation tab. This is a great way to send blast messages out because you can send messages to multiple Teams’ channels. Read More

Dynamics 365 – Using Business Rules to Set Default Values

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This tip is meant to save yourself a little time (every second counts, right?) when completing forms in CRM.

Sometimes fields can be filled in on forms by default if the response is typically true under X condition(s). For example–you might know that if an opportunity or lead is related to Product X or Y, it applies to Business Unit A, while if the interest is in Product Z, it applies to Business Unit B. You use a Business Rule on a form to set the conditions and default values. Being default values, they can be changed after they are set. Read More

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