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6 Great Ways to Use the Zoho Writer App

By April 12, 2019May 6th, 2020No Comments

6 Great Ways to Use the Zoho Writer AppThere are plenty of online word processing applications to use and I’m sure you’re probably familiar with the big names, like Microsoft Word in Office 365 or Google Docs. In fact, you’re probably using them right now. But think about it: Why?

If you’re already using Zoho One, you’ve got access to the Zoho Writer app. If your employees are creating typical business documents, then why not minimize headaches and help their productivity by getting rid of all those additional applications and having them use the Zoho Writer app? I can offer at least six uses of the application that would make sense right away.

Collaborate with others

The Zoho Writer app offers very similar collaboration and review functionality that you’ll find in Word or Google Docs. With Zoho Writer, employees can not only create and share their documents, but they can review each other’s, keep a history of all changes, and enjoy suggestions from the application. This way, you don’t have multiple versions of the same document floating around and causing confusion. Plus, your employees can share their thoughts and ideas all in one place with a final document signed off and approved.

Use templates

Like its competitors, Zoho Writer has scores of templates available for its business users. You can create professional looking business letters and correspondence, meeting outlines and agendas, posters and corporate invitations, labels and envelopes, seasonal communications, brochures and flyers. The templates come in many different variations, multiple sizes, and can be customized, saved, and used again. All of that is included with Zoho Writer.

Use all devices

Probably the most powerful feature of Zoho Writer is that you can do your work on just about any device you want. With the application’s “go mobile” option, you can start a quote on your office desktop, update it on your iPhone and finish it up on your laptop at home that evening.  It’s the cloud, man!  But even if you’re not able to be online—say you’re on a plane or in the middle of nowhere—you can still choose Zoho Writer’s offline option and take your document with you, which will be immediately synched back up to the cloud once you’re connected again.

Leverage Zia

Zia is Zoho’s answer to Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri and all the other artificial intelligent assistants that are helping people do stuff just by asking. Zia’s functionality will review your documents in Zoho Writer and offer grammatical, spelling and other suggestions. Consider it to be another set of eyes that will help you with word phrases, run-on sentences and other slips of the keyboard that lessens the impact of our communications.

Write your blogs

Want to step up the frequency and effectiveness of your blogs? Zoho Writer integrates out of the box with WordPress so that you and your team can write, share, collaborate, edit, review and finalize blog entries from any device, and then have immediately post to your WordPress blog. Using it the right way will speed up your blog output and improve the content on your site.

Integrate with other Zoho apps

Zoho Writer, because it’s part of Zoho One, will integrate with many other Zoho apps. Use it with CRM, Docs and Sign.

Full disclosure: I just wrote this blog in Microsoft Word. And yet my company owns and trains clients on Zoho Writer. I just convinced myself to switch!

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