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Zoho CRM Help: Getting Your Team On Board

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Zoho CRM Help: Getting Your Team On BoardAt The Marks Group, we have implemented hundreds of CRM systems, such as Zoho CRM, for our clients throughout the years. One of the major challenges that our clients have encountered is getting their team members, particularly their sales team, to get on board with Zoho CRM. Help from an expert training program can be especially beneficial in these circumstances, because they provide tips, tricks, and other skills needed for those new to Zoho CRM. Help from the right training program can not only get a team on board, but by showing them all the great and useful features that Zoho CRM offers, it can get them excited to use the system.

Some other ways to get your team to use Zoho CRM include:

The Lead Trick

Leads are important for a sales team to succeed, and if information about promising leads are being put into Zoho CRM, it forces them to use Zoho in order to get that information. If this is the only way that your sales team can access information about leads, they will have no choice but to use your CRM system if they want to succeed in their roles as salespeople.

The Voicemail Trick

There may be people on your team who, while good at their jobs, are just not technical. They may be old school and prefer to do things without a CRM system. You can offer a compromise as a solution so that you can still easily manage their activities. One trick is the voicemail trick: instead of having team members do data entry, they can call in to a designated business voicemail and leave a message that lists their accomplished activities for the day. Someone else can listen to these messages at the end of each day and input the data into Zoho CRM.

The Alert Trick

Using alerts to set up reminders is just one of many features offered through CRM systems. This way, tasks and appointments are never forgotten about. These alerts can also ensure your team members are using Zoho CRM. For example, if status on an important task isn’t updated, it likely means your salesperson simply isn’t even attempting to use your company’s CRM system. The sooner you discover this, the better. You can take the steps necessary to ensure they receive the training they need or you can make compromises, if necessary.

Get Zoho CRM help today

Will these tricks help get your team to use Zoho CRM? It’s certainly possible, but also depends on your involvement in getting them motivated and insisting that they do use it. After all, you’re the one in charge, and it’s important that your team understands that you want to focus on using Zoho CRM as your company’s database.

In order to get your team on board with Zoho CRM, getting Zoho CRM help through expert-led training can be extremely beneficial. Whether your team has some experience with CRM systems or is brand new to the concept of CRM systems, Zoho CRM help can allow your team to learn about everything that Zoho has to offer. This includes everything from the basic fundamentals to advanced features.

The Marks Group offers expert-led Zoho training and support on all Zoho apps and products. Contact us at to find out more and check out our YouTube video library!


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