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What is Zoho Assist?

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Your business may be small in size, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t want your client base to reach far and wide. Especially if your business is web based! Maybe your client in Los Angeles is having difficulty with software you sold them, but you are located in Philadelphia. Maybe you have a remote team of staff members and one employee who lives in Austin needs help from your IT person, who happens to live on Long Island. Or maybe all of your employees live in one are, but to save on overhead, everyone works from home. Enter in, Zoho Assist, a remote support software that allows you to support clients and employees with their technical issues from afar.

What is Zoho Assist?

Zoho Assist is a program that allows member of your helpdesk team to securely remote onto someone else’s computer to help them trouble shoot any technical difficulties. This is helpful with clients, if your product is a computer based one. You will mostly use this program as a way for your help desk employees to interface with the rest of your team, should they come across a technical issue. The layout for Zoho Assist is clear and concise.

Once the program is downloaded, you can generate a remote connection by having your IT person generate a link that then can be emailed to the other party. Once this link is received it will download and run a “client app”, which is a temporary program that will be installed on the computer of the client. (For all intents and purposes, in this program, I am going to refer to whoever is on the receiving end of the remote access as the client…) This client app program will expire as soon as the remote session has concluded. Once the computers are connected, the technician can run the remote computer like it is there own, while also having the ability to chat with the client using a chat window.

Other Great Things About Zoho Assist

If you are already using the Zoho suite of products, Assist is a great tool for you. Like all of the products on the Zoho platform, you can integrate assist into other programs. This allows for easier and more efficient communication between employees and the helpdesk.

There are also many different price points for Zoho Assist that can meet any small to mid size businesses needs. You can check out the different pricing plans for this program here. The free plan allows one help desk computer to remote in to 5 different “client” computers. It continues to grow from there at each price point. In the more deluxe versions of the program, help desk technicians can also use a voice chat feature to speak with their clients.

Now I’ve got to be honest, Assist is one of the programs that probably needs the least amount of training. This is for a few reasons… the first being that the people who primarily will be using this program from a user standpoint are your computer savvy help desk employees. The second is that it’s a pretty basic set up to remote into someone else’s computer. BUT- just because it’s a basic program, doesn’t mean it’s not worth checking out some extra training.

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