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Creating and Modifying Related Lists using Detailed View Layouts in Zoho CRM

By February 2, 2020May 6th, 2020No Comments

It is now even easier to use the Detail View in Zoho CRM thanks to some recent changes from Zoho!  

Why use Detail View? 

As the name suggests, Detail View is a way create to create and modify module layouts to display lists related to that module, as well as organize the column layouts of the lists. The Detail View also contains a second component – the Business Card. So how do these two pieces work? Last week we explored what the Business Card has to Offer, so now let’s check out Related Lists!

Why use Related Lists in Detailed View?

Not surprisingly, Zoho users come from many different industries and each function in the way that makes the most sense for them as a company. That’s why creating the mot useful Detail View for your company is so important. Users don’t want to scroll through a bunch of irrelevant information just to get to what they’re looking for. And they certainly would like to see the information they need displayed in a way that suits their business needs. 

Each module in Zoho CRM has relationships to other modules, and this is an important structure – when in an Account record you can easily see the related Contacts, Deals, Activities, etc. for that Account. Because there are so many options to make Zoho CRM flexible, there are many related lists to choose from! But if you don’t use Invoices, or Products, or Cases it doesn’t make sense to include all that extra information on each record. So let’s look at how we can streamline our Layouts for our users!  

How do I create a Detail View form in Zoho CRM?

From the Modules and Fields section under Customization in the Set-up panel of Zoho CRM, select the Module and Layout you’d like to edit. Click on the Detail View tab at the top. You will first notice the Business Card.  Under this there are lots of related lists (modules) included by default. Now let’s use an example: company ABC Inc is a consulting firm that works with clients to help develop home-school learning plans. They don’t have any tangible Products, don’t use Cases, and their sales team doesn’t have permission to use Social Media. So let’s remove those fields in the Sales layout. Just hover over the sections and click the X that appears in the top right. Easy! If you ever want to add a field back in, simply drag and drop it from the Related Lists tray. 

You can also organize the column layout for each related list. Using our example above, the sales team want to see their contacts’ name, title, email and mobile phone. In the Contacts section, click on Organize. A multi-select list will open, where you can select, deselect or reorder by drag and drop to put the columns in a logical order for your users. 

*** IMPORTANT: Be mindful of how many fields you add to the columns. More is less and adding too many can make it difficult to read on the screen!

 Hope you all learned some new tips that will help you make the most of your Zoho CRM! See you next week!

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