ZOHO SIGN – get your CRM docs signed as easy as 1-2-3!

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Send your CRM documents (e.g, Quotes) out for signatures by adding Zoho Sign to your zoho app suite!  Zoho Sign is a free app with your CRM subscription.  Once you have a Zoho Sign account, you can install the Zoho Sign extension from the CRM marketplace. Now you’re ready to send docs for signatures!  See Detailed instructions below:

Creating Zoho Sign Account:

  • while logged into your CRM account
  • open another browser and type
  • Either
    • Enter an organization name (NOTE – make sure someone in your organization hasn’t already created a Zoho.Sign account)
    • or get invited to your organization’s account.

Installing the Zoho Sign Extension:

  • Log into CRM
  • Setup (tool icon upper right)->Marketplace->All
  • Search for Zoho Sign
  • Click on the Zoho Sign Extension
  • Click Install

Send a Document for Signature – example Quote

  • Open the Quote record that you want to send and click the new ‘Send for Zoho Sign’ custom button
  • You have the option to Add an already created document, or use a template.  In this example we’re going to use a Quote Template to send the doc.
  • You can set signing order (if more than one signature), and set role (sign or view) for each recipient.
  • More Settings allows you to specify:
    • time to complete
    • expiration
    • elect to send auto-reminders.
  • Click Next
  • ADD FIELDS TO DOC – Select which fields you want to add to your document by dragging them from the field pallet to the document.  You can add different fields for each recipient.

  • Click Send


  • Your recipients will receive an email with an action button like this->
  • When they click the Start Signing button the document will open and they will be lead through the fields on the doc.
  • The signature field has three options: Type, Draw and Upload
  • When finished they click OK
  • They are presented with an option to download or email the signed document to themselves for a copy.


  • A copy of the signed document will be added to their record as a ZohoSign Document.
  • You will receive a notification that the document was signed.


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