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If you have access to Analytics, you can track your Sales Trends and Sales Follow-up Trends thanks to Zia in Zoho CRM! We previously discussed Zia and Data Enrichment, and now we’re going to take a look at what Zia can do with the automatically collected sales and activity data in your CRM. There are even pre-built dashboards right out of the box, saving you from having to build them on your own. You can even add them to your home page!

How Looking at your Sales Trends can Help You

Sales Trends are a compilation of your sales data over a period of time. This can help you identify your averages based on past performance, your actual sales metrics compared to your averages, and any anomalies, such as a sudden spike or dip in your sales and follow up history. You can use this data to see if your actual performance is below, at, or above expectations. This will help you know when and where you can improve at one easy glance. It is particularly helpful for managers to see their overall team performance.

How do I Access Sales Trends Dashboards?

In your menu bar, click on Analytics. Then, on the left side bar, you have two analysis dashboards – Sales Trend and Sales Follow-up Trend. The Sales Trend dashboard is a collection of six components directly related to your sales metrics: Leads Creation, Leads Conversion, Contacts Creation, Deal Creation, Deals Closing by Count, and Deals Closing by Amount. The Sales Follow-up Trends dashboard contains five components collected from your Activities: Task Closure, Event Creation, Calls Completed, Notes Creation, and Email Sent/Bounced/Opened. The lines and dots on all the charts track the Trend (orange line), Actual (blue line), and Anomalies (red dot) in your data. Each chart within these dashboards also has filters to select the user(s), time period, and grouping. In addition, the Emails chart allows you to filter by Sent, Bounced, and Opened.

When you open the Zia dialog box you will also receive notifications: Alerts of anomalies, Tips that are suggestions of what might be causing those anomalies, and Attention to relay your current sales metrics compared to your trends. Clicking on any of these notifications will open the details of the notification.



Hope you found this helpful as you move forward on your path to sell better and smarter using Zoho CRM’s Zia! Stay tuned as we continue to look at what Zoho CRM Zia has to offer in future blog posts.

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