ZOHO CRM – Introducting PORTALS!

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New for 2018, Zoho CRM has introduced the Portal (Enterprise edition)!!  Give your customers/vendors self-service access to the information they need with Zoho CRM’s new Portal feature.  Its easy to set up and use too!  Lets walk through setting up a customer portal…

STEP 1:  Configure your Portal

  • Setup(tool icon, upper right)-> Channels->Portals
  • Enter a name to complete your portal URL (if this if the first portal you are setting up)
  • Create your first portal
    • Name it (e.g. Customer)
    • Select Which modules you will grant access to (e.g. Contacts, Quotes, Invoices, Cases)
    • For each module, step through and select which fields a portal user can see
    • Click Finish

STEP 2: Invite Customers to your portal

  • Open the contact record of the customer you want to invite
  • Click the “…” menu (upper right), then select Invite to Portal
  • Select the portal (if you have more than one)
  • Send the invite.

STEP 3: Customer Signs up for portal access

  • Customer Receives Invite, clicks link and sets up a password.
  • Customer can now see ONLY the information related it his/her contact record that you granted permission to!

customers can login and check on the status of their orders, or cases, update their contact info, etc… and the best news… it’s FREE!

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