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Using Zoho CRM Workflows with Organization Email Addresses

By August 31, 2020September 3rd, 2020No Comments

In previous blog posts we went over how to create an organization email addresses in your Zoho CRM, and how to switch between your email address and an organization email address in a client record in order to funnel emails to the right groups within your company. But what if you use this same process again and again, and need to ensure that you don’t mistakenly forget to send an important email? What if you want to send the email personally but have replies sent to another address? Easy – automate emails and templates in a workflow!

How do Zoho CRM Workflows with Organization Email Addresses Work?

When you win that next big deal you need to make sure your client gets their contract. Since you just built this relationship you want to make it personal, but you also need that contract to be sent back to your accounting department. And you really want to make sure you don’t miss this crucial step! There are just a few steps to take to make sure this is all automated and make your day more productive! First, you’ll need to ensure that your Organization Emails are set up and verified. Next, you’ll want to create an email template to use in the workflow.

In this scenario, when a deal is converted to won you’ll want a contract sent to the client. It is personalized to the client from you in the template. Go to Setup > Automation > Workflows to create your workflow.


After clicking on Email Notification, create a new email notification and select your template. At the bottom of the dialogue box you will notice that the From field has defaulted to your email address (in this case Directly beneath is a Reply To field. Using the drop-down menu and select Marks Group Accounting.

It’s that easy! Moving forward, anytime a deal is updated to Closed Won your client will receive an email from you requesting they sign a contract. Now there is no need to remember to send it, and no need to make sure accounting knows – your Zoho CRM will do it all for you!

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