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Although you may have not used a Sandbox to develop processes and flows, it is still a best practice to have a current backup of all your hard work.  You may have a Data Export scheduled but that only covers the data stored in the database objects.  Your processes, flows, visual force code is stored elsewhere.  The easiest way to keep a current backup of these items is to create a Sandbox and schedule Refreshes to occur to keep it current.  No data will be included in the Sandbox or transferred on Refresh.  Here’s how to create a Sandbox:

  1. From Setup, search for “Sandbox”. Click on Sandboxes.

  1. Click the New Sandbox

  1. Give the Sandbox a Name and keep the default value of “Production” for Create From.
  2. Click the Next button under the Developer section.

  1. Leave Apex Class on the next page empty and click the Create
  2. The Sandbox page opens and you will see the new Sandbox with its Status. You can Refresh and Log In to the Sandbox from here as well.

  1. You will receive an email from Salesforce when the Sandbox has been created. It will include a link and login information to access it.


Written by Becci Gearman


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