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Pipedrive: User Overview Page

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There’s an interesting area in Pipedrive called the User Overview page. It allows you to take a look at all of your recent updates to records, activities, records you follow, and notifications, all in one spot.  Below, I’ll outline what it looks like and how to find it.

You can get to this page two ways–1. Go to the “More” button (…) on the left menu, then select “User Overview:

Alternatively, you can also reach the User Overview page by clicking on the lightbulb symbol in the upper right corner, then selecting “All notifications”:

This page will show some basic stats about you as a user, as well as different tabs for your data. The first tab covers all updates you’ve made to records:

The next tab covers activities:

Then, records you follow (you automatically follow records you’ve created):

And finally, all notifications. This is a new feature, so you may not have anything here yet:


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