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Pipedrive: Open the Details Page After a New Record is Created

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One of the best things about Pipedrive is how intuitive and user friendly the interface is right out of the box, but it is possible to tweak some behaviors to better fit your needs.

When you create new records, the default behavior is for the “Add deal” (or contact/org) pop-up window to disappear and you remain on the main page for that item type.  For example, when you add a new deal from the Pipeline page and click “save”, the pop-up will just close and you’ll be back at the Pipeline.  With a setting in Pipedrive, however, you can change this so you are taken to the “details” page after creating a record.

To make this change, click your user icon and open “Personal Preferences”:

Scroll down to “Interface”, and check the “Open details panel after creating a new item” box, and have it apply to any or all of the record types listed:

Click save, and you’re all set.

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