At The Marks Group we specialize in End User Services. That means making sure your people are using the technologies we recommend as productively as possible.

Our philosophy is that the systems we recommend are nothing more than databases and their power is determined by how quickly users can get data in so that management can get data out.

We deliver our services both onsite and online. Or a combination of both. We have classrooms available locally in the Philadelphia area for group training. But we also frequently visit our clients at their offices or as part of their events to deliver our training. We tailor our delivery to each client depending on their needs.

Our End User Services follow a similar approach.

First we determine what is to be taught and what is to be ignored. Our best clients use maybe 30% of the applications we provide. That’s because that is what they need the application for and the rest may be irrelevant. We’ve learned that no one uses all the features in a software application. So we make sure that we focus only on the features and functionality that is of use to our specific client and ignore and make invisible the rest.

Next we create a training plan for each individual user. That’s because some users learn faster than others. People have preferences in how their training is delivered. Some users need more time. Other users want to learn more things. The key is making sure that each user is taught what they need to know as quickly as possible so that they can do their jobs effectively and management is getting the data they need to run their business.

We then determine how training will be delivered. Some will want their information face to face. Others want to be part of a group. Administrators may need a more concentrated approach. Online delivery may be good for some and not good for others. Some companies prefer to create a combination of both onsite and online training content so that users can choose what best suits them and get the information in multiple ways.

We then decide on and create training materials. Some clients prefer us to use licensed materials from the software vendors. Others like third-party training manuals. We are familiar with them all. Many of our clients like us to create customized training materials specifically designed for their systems.
We then deliver our training as mutually agreed. Sometimes this is in coordination with company administrators or internal training staffs. We travel to events, conduct webinars, speak on pre-recorded videos or go from cubicle to cubicle, conference room to conference room.

As part of our training plans we then follow-up with ongoing support. We realize that many users can’t remember everything. So we’re available to answer questions and also, with our clients’ permission, conduct online and onsite review meetings to make sure users are not spinning wheels. We work closely with our clients’ internal project teams to determine what more needs to be taught.

At The Marks Group, we specialize in the individual. We use the applications we sell. We know what it’s like to be frustrated when we don’t understand how something is done. We want each and every person at our clients to be working quicker and better. All of the applications we recommend are excellent. But they are only as good as the people using them.